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Brewery Trivia Thursdays

Trivia Thursdays- Play at the Brewery or at HOME!

Trivia is BACK - every Thursday at 6pm

If you’re not playing Crooked Lane Trivia, you should be! We have found a way for trivia to happen both in-person and virtually, and both versions are a total kick in the pants. Let the following be your personal invitation to Thursday night joy!

Jeff James, our trivia host extraordinaire, daylights as a middle school teacher and man-about-town… he’s also somewhere between a homebrewer and a pro-brewer.  He once collaborated with Crooked Lane on an IPA called Room 41, a super dank DIPA, as firmly bittered as James’ disposition. Room 41 declared Crooked Lane the bonus room for the local middle school, something like the remote teachers’ lounge. Goodness knows middle school teachers need a beer.

While Jeff is indeed an all-around good guy, it turns out his superpower is trivia. We don’t know exactly how he got this good right out of the box, but he is LEGIT. Jeff is presenting this trivia experience in a format that is very virtual-friendly- the hilarity makes it through your screens just fine!

Here’s how to play:


We stream on Twitch - in order to use the chat function, sign up for an account! It’s super easy to stream to your devices. For you virtual noobies, be advised that this twitch stream is not Zoom! We can’t see you, so trivia in your PJ pants is not just accepted, it’s encouraged.

Answer sheets are available at 

Open up your answer sheet, settle in, and crack a cold one! Once you fill out the answer sheet, submit and open the next. Submit all your answer sheets to be considered for prizes!

Lastly, have fun! Community is hard to create when the doors have to be closed, but trivia has been one way we’ve been able to have fun while being apart. And, while some of our customers are still embracing seclusion, we’ve found a way for the trivia experience to be just about as great in-remote as in-person. 

As our thank you for trying trivia with us, post a photo of some trivia night fun and tag @crookedlanebrewing on Facebook or Instagram, and we will send you a 30% off code for!

Cheers to you and yours!


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