DJ Sandhu 

DJ Sandhu 


Thursday, March 15, 2018 / BUY TICKETS IN TAPROOM OR CALL 530-878-5232

DJ Sandhu and Becky Lynn

Buried deep within the most luxuriant beard in comedy lives DJ Sandhu’s silver tongue just aching to get out and spread its diabolical thoughts. From Sacramento, CA, Sandhu decided to break his parents’ hearts by sharing his absurd opinions with strangers rather than going to med school like a responsible, well-adjusted adult. From the World Series of Comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and everywhere in between, Sandhu has worked with some of the industry’s legends including Bret Ernst, John Witherspoon, Carl LaBove, Tommy Davidson, and Godfrey…all of which leave his mother incredibly disappointed that he didn’t choose a better life path.

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